The Cast

This sometimes ridiculous blog has been brought to you under the direction of The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation aided and abetted by the following disreputable miscreants.

Me, Cap’n Jack and the Fatdog

Below is the only piece of video that was used during the Fatdog’s travels…it is well worth a play. I keep “losing” it so I’ve put it here for safe keeping.

The Corporation budget had come under severe pressure due to the economic climate so the video was shot using the (ahem) “wee fuji”, as were the stills.   Sadly the quality is somewhat lacking.  And if you thought the picture quality was lacking wait until you see the editing!  😀 .  The wind noise was deliberately kept in for the upper reaches .

We thought the production required a bit of an “art house” feel so the accompanying track is a wee bit of Scottish Dance Music 😀 .  “Jimmy Shand?”, you ask.  Naw, not that type of Scottish Dance Music!  This is the late and great Martyn Bennett at his best.  We can certainly promise you an uplifting moment of epiphany (or maybe the “fear of God” might be more like the thing) but by the end you’ll be reaching for your glow sticks.   Here we go, “Big Box…Little Box…!”