In a flash of utter brilliance I have installed feeds to other blogs at the foot of the (HOME) page and then deleted the surplus to requirements (BLOG) page.

I reckon it works rather well but if anyone has noticed a down side to the removal of the (BLOG) page please let me know.


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That’s now 2 weekends and no walking!

A couple of weeks ago I overdid the exercise between The Fara, back class and spin bike resulting in what could be referred to as a temporary setback.  Fortunately less than perfect weather opted to coincide with this minor reversal of fortunes so we didn’t miss any decent blue sky opportunities.  In fact the snow that was dumped on the mountains during this past weekend ensured that I wouldn’t have ventured far anyway.  So spirits are undiminished.

How difficult can it be…

From the house, MrP’s 2 seater BMW knocked 8 minutes out of “The Tank” on the Cannonball Run from Larbert to Dalwhinnie.  Somewhat uncharitably I put that down to the fact that I had The Fatdog in the back which, let’s face it, would severely limit anybody’s chances of staying in touch on the near 100 mile run.  We rendezvoused at that most necessary of establishments…the Dalwhinnie Public Toilets.  For motorists having spent 100 miles avoiding post-snow potholes, I have no doubt this is an enormously popular stop off point…especially if bladders have any say in the matter.

As heard on Radio Scotland at lunch time where one listener texted in about the somewhat windy weather on Skye:

“There were sheep blowin’ past like tumbleweed!”

Now there’s an image for you.