On the 17 July 2012, just after 5pm, the Fatdog “Tails” came to an end.  Maisie had left us for that great Bonio palace in the sky but had left behind an incredible wealth of happy memories, none more so than those of our incredible days wandering the Scottish mountains.

For over six years The Fatdog and I had travelled the hills south of the Great Glen.  We never managed to do all that we might have, my sciatic issue and FD’s arthritis limiting our hill tally, but every time we were forced to stop we always managed to battle our way back and bag a few more.

Our travels are well documented in the trip reports at but an unfortunate accident resulted in me losing the links to many of the photographs.  These idiosyncratic reports became known as The Fatdog “Tails”.  The last time I looked there were over 100 of them lurking in the database.  This rewriting and editing of the “Tails” will see the photos restored and include additional notes and other improvements to make the overall story flow.  To help navigate the “Tails” I have included an Index page.

This is the story of how an overweight Labrador and a fifty-something man of dubious fitness and questionable sanity headed into the Scottish mountains and found, much to their surprise, that they actually enjoyed being there!

Our story begins in August of 2006…