Over the centuries of my existence I have developed a liking for what is currently known as Alt Country music…in other words anything that isn’t country music. 😀

Ooo…that’s just a wee bit mean of me.

I suppose it all stemmed from the fact that my dad liked traditional country…and I hated the type of country he liked.  It was part of the unwritten agreement between generations.  It was mandatory to detest your parents’ music and damned cool to boot.  Like your parents music and you would become a social pariah in quick time.  In the ’70’s country music to Scots meant “Oor Sidney”, the dreaded Sidney Devine.  Mind you I ‘m not sure if my folks liked Sidney...but you couldn’t take a chance on that sort of thing.  Better pledging your undying allegiance to Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin if you wanted to keep some measure of peer credibility.