Thought geocaching was an easy option did you? 

Bet you did! 

You were thinking that that wimp should be out on the hills doing some manly hillwalking as opposed to poncing around woodland paths looking for wee plastic tubs.

I thought it was a cop out too…well it was supposed to be wasn’t it?  Yesterday quickly disabused me of that particular notion.  On a day of warm, hazy, sunshine The Fatdog and I ended up rampaging, yes that’s a fair description of what occurred, around Queen Elizabeth Forest Park near Aberfoyle in search of concealed Tupperware.

In a flash of utter brilliance I have installed feeds to other blogs at the foot of the (HOME) page and then deleted the surplus to requirements (BLOG) page.

I reckon it works rather well but if anyone has noticed a down side to the removal of the (BLOG) page please let me know.


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