My name is Ken Brown and the black hairy object in the photo above is Kenmill-tri “Dream of Dreams” aka Maisie aka The Fatdog.   In August 2006 I decided that I needed a break from the interminably boring dogwalks near the house.  Armed with a rucksack of Bonios and a black hairy stomach on legs I headed into the wilds of Scotland. This blog began as a record of our travels…and casually veered off course on what became a regular basis.  Sadly The Fatdog passed away in July 2012 and the blog is now a working archive.

However I now feel the time is right to give the blog a new lease of life. I intend to revisit many of the original stories and, by editing them and giving them some context, bring them up to date. I also hope to add “Tails” and galleries that never made it onto the original blog.

Secondly I intend to add some “tails” that include the current Labrador duo (now eight years old) to give them their place in the archive. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, both proved to be “not fit for purpose” for hill walking duties and so their adventures to date have been few and far between.

Finally I am hoping to write some new material based on my future walks. I don’t think I will be back in up the hills as various parts of my legs and feet suggest it might be not in my best interests to do so but I have a number of places I still hope to visit and I have no doubt there will be stories involved.

I updated this page in the middle of the Covid Crisis of 2020-2021.  New stories might be a little slow in coming but hopefully we’ll get to those soon.  Stay safe.

Ken – 13 Feb 2021