“Smile, You’re on Camera!

It will come as a great surprise (to anybody who knows me) that I managed to find a photograph of me smiling. I did find one though – it only took me 12 blogging years, but there it is. These days every time you click on a post I am grinning at you from the right hand side of your screen. Off-putting isn’t it 🙂 . However that well cropped photo only tells a small part of the story. The reason I am actually smiling? The next three photos will explain a lot.

I think you can see where I am coming from now. Afternoon tea (a few years back) at the Signet Library in Edinburgh’s old town. Yes, afternoon tea – I really know how to party hard! Which brings me neatly to today’s music choice…

Oh, before you blast your ears off with Iggy Pop, I’ve just begun writing a brand new (as in walked it today) “tail” . It is sadly missing a canine component although I may relent and throw in some gratuitous material. Goodnight all.