A Much more Focussed Blogger Returns

The origins of “Where the Fatdog Walks” are stranger than it might seem at first. The Fatdog first appeared in emails to my Canadian cousins over the winter of 2005-06 and when we met up the following summer on the north shores of Lake Superior we were greeted with the banner you see in the photograph above. A slight reworking of its text saw the emergence of the tagline “…for this is where the Fatdog walks” appear in my early trip reports in the scottishhills.com hillwalking forum. A couple of years later “Where the Fatdog Walks” appeared as a full blown blog. All from a kids welcome banner in backwoods Ontario.

I’m pretty certain it is the history of the blog that I find difficult to leave behind. I had always thought it should end after we lost Maisie eight years ago and since then it has been difficult to refocus and take a blog forward but it’s amazing what almost a year of lockdowns can do to a person. In my case I’m fortunate, it has dragged me back to the old blog and, for the first time since 2012, I can sense its future path. The first few days of re-writes and housekeeping have been a bit intense to say the least, including having been wheeched off to hospital in an ambulance part way through Day3 (of 6), but it has been a thoroughly enjoyable few days getting back behind the keyboard. It is fair to say that I have thrown the veritable kitchen sink at the blog re-boot.

The old .com address has been reregistered (unsurprisingly nobody else seemed to have wanted it since I dropped it many years back), a rather smart new blog theme has been loaded up and I have spent sodding hours days updating pages and tidying up the half-arsed failed re-boots since 2012. I appear to have made quite a mess in the past by not hitting these attempts full on. I now have a twitter feed, an Instagram page and even a Pinterest account although I have no idea 1) how to use them properly and 2) what I will actually post onto them. But I am nothing if not creative so I am sure quite a few disasters will ensue. Let’s face it, if Trump can could do it…

I have set up a couple of new blog pages which can be accessed from the main menu. Although a good number of you will be familiar with the main characters who inhabit the Fatdog “tails” I have installed The Cast page to give new readers a hint of what they are up against. This page also holds my prized possession – a video I put together of one of our walks. It was the only full video of Maisie ever made so it is something of novelty. Another page called Our Best Bits has been created to give a second life to some quirkier posts now buried deep in the depths of the blog. I will occasionally link up these more ridiculous stories over time.

It was a tradition of an old blogging buddy to end his posts with a music track. I think he had had some involvement with the music industry way back in the late 60s/early 70s although I never did discover what. He passed some years ago but I’ll keep his tradition going. I think he would be pleased. His taste was mainly blues based; mine is nothing if eclectic. I’ll be kind to begin with – here’s Steve Earle doing what he does best.