Pandemic Update 20/03/2020

Yesterday morning a visit to our local mini supermarket brought on, what was for me, a truly emotional moment. In my head I could almost hear the massed Scottish support at Murrayfield Stadium blasting out “Flower of Scotland” as I stared in disbelief at the empty shelf where the porridge oats would normally reside. On the other hand I was extremely pissed off given I am there every week to buy a pack from an always full shelf. Most visits I have to be careful not to have packets crashing down on top of me given I am almost certain that I am the only person in the area who normally buys the sodding things.

Earlier this evening I heard a medical correspondent for the BBC quote the Chief Medical Officer saying that for the current regime of social restrictions to be effective then 75% of the population would have to behave. Behave? This implies that 25% of the population would certainly misbehave although there was no speculation by the CMO as to what form this misbehaviour might take. I suppose then that 25% of the population will have nightly “End of the World” parties with the remaining 75% experiencing a Sunday on the Outer Hebrides. A stark choice indeed!

On a lighter note, my mother in law has been in a care home for a number of years now and with the home being closed to visitors due to the CV outbreak they have taken to facebook to post regular photos of the residents in an effort to maintain some sort of contact with their families. One photo in particular caught my eye. Given that most of the residents have dementia to a greater or lesser degree I was surprised to see a photo of…Quiz Night. Yes, that does give some food for thought!

With social restrictions tightening on a daily basis I couldn’t help but notice that my normal “social distancing” was well in excess of that laid down by the Government. It would seem I need to get out more.