“New” Blogs We Like – French Leave

For a while now I’ve been trawling the internet looking for blogs that appeal to my sense of humour or that I just find…interesting.  I’ve discovered these are scarcer than the proverbial hen’s teeth!  There are blogs out there with hundreds, yes hundreds, of followers but the writing therein would bore the backside off an elephant.  I won’t even mention the deplorable standard of the comments.  No sarcasm, insults or general mocking of the blogger or, for that matter other contributors.  What sorts of blogs are these!?

But having said all that sometimes you come across little gems that you would recommend to others just because you know they’ll like them, irrespective of the actual subject matter of the blogs.  I’ve put a new category on the menu bar called “New” Blogs We Like to hold these recommendations.

So…without further ado here’s the first of my recommendations to the viewers of The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation.


French Leave

…removes the rose-tinted spectacles from the French idyll and gives an insight into the reality of moving to France for the “good life”.

Written by a Scot who lived in France for 20 years and now lives in…Costa Rica, this blog is written in a style that I think will appeal to readers of “Where The Fatdog Walks”. 

But be warned!  She follows “the cricket”!