We Begin…We Conquer…We’re Still Not Sure…

The Meikle Bin has been our “starter” hill ever since we began hillwalking.  Every time we have a prolonged lull we start back here.  Are the legs still working?  Is The Fatdog still remotely interested?  If we don’t make it to the top of this wee lump is it time for the tar pit?   Always a lot of questions…and rarely any answers worth considering, given the ease with which this hill could be conquered by a one legged centenarian with chronic heart disease.  One thing was apparent – The Fatdog is up and running – with a vengeance!

When you’ve done a hill sooooooooo many times there’s not much more you can say about it…so we ain’t gonna even try!  Well…other than you might want to go to this one sooner than later as the views to the west from the upper forestry section will become obscured in a year or so’s time.  That’s the problem with trees…they grow!  The views from the upper hill are fine – it’s just that an hour of plodding up a forestry track with no view might be considered a bit boring.  Anyhow as it stands the Meikle Bin is still well worth the effort…even when the wind is one step off taking you into the next county.

The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation has spared no expense in bringing you the video shoot of yesterday’s walk.  YES…VIDEO!  (just)

The Corporation budget has come under severe pressure due to the current economic climate…so the video was shot using…the (ahem)…”wee fuji” – as were the stills.   Sadly the quality is somewhat lacking.  And if you thought the picture quality was lacking….wait until you see the editing!  😀 .  The wind noise was deliberately kept in for the upper reaches .

We thought the production required a bit of an “art house” feel…so the accompanying track is a wee bit of Scottish Dance Music 😀 .  Jimmy Shand – you say?  Naw…not that type of Scottish Dance Music!  This is the late and great Martyn Bennett at his best.  We can certainly promise you an uplifting moment of epiphany (or maybe the “fear of God” might be more like the thing)…but by the end you’ll be reaching for your glow sticks.   Here we go, “Big Box…Little Box…!”