The Arrival of Hurricane Bawbag

I spent this morning tucking away anything in the garden that might opt to take flight in the face of the promised 80mph winds scheduled to give us a good skelping throughout the day.  As I write (16.44) the wind is howling through vents (and the odd dodgy window) but so far the garden contents are holding firm.

The lights have been flickering all afternoon which means the power supply is considering the possibility of a wee rest – but so far so good.  FD is curled up asleep on her rug in the lounge totally oblivious to the storm raging outside.

Normally we’d be in Stirling for our weekly evening shopping trip…but sod that for a game of soldiers.  Just as well because the radio tells tales of the M9 motorway at Stirling having various closures due to fallen trees, toppled lorries etc.  Sounds a bit rough on the roads.

The Scottish dark sense of humour is coming out in the Twitter trend of #hurricanebawbag .  Courtesy of Sheila here’s the link for the STV site with some wonderful comments.  Worth having a wee peek.