F.B.C. Staff Kitchen Upgrade Completed!

Some four weeks have passed since the post intimating the loss of our “raison d’être”.  Sadly we still haven’t found the little bugger so we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s either escaped through the bars of its cage or been “borrowed” by person or persons unknown.  Given the former is somewhat unlikely this now means a painstaking trawl through all of your blogs – yes yours – until we find the culprit.

On a brighter note the new kitchen at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation staff canteen is now fully operational after a month of culinary hell.  The all-pervading Stygian darkness which permanently enveloped the old kitchen has been banished to whatever netherworld formed part of its belief system and in its place is a gleaming palace of eternal light…or at least that’s what the brochure says.  As part of this glorious transformation a door became a window – and a window became a very large hole in the wall as the new kitchen marched through the newly formed gap into the back garden.  While this total re-vamp improved the look of the kitchen no end it has still, most regretably,  to have an effect on the quality of the food produced.

Here’s a quick look at the “Before” and “After” photos.  To avoid confusion “Before” on the left and “After” on the right.  😀

On an even brighter note than that of the completion of the kitchen – The Fatdog’s hobbling has lessened dramatically as her joint supplements have kicked in.  Today she asked for her ball to be thrown and happily chased after it for a few minutes at the nearby country park.  This is a major improvement…so fingers crossed.  Even I have seen an improvement this week with the ache beginning to recede from my right calf.  Ok it still is present in the rest of the leg but again this is a major step as stairs become less of a pain.  Hopefully we’ll get a decent walk  this week to see how we are both shaping up and give me an idea what might be possible for us to achieve in the coming month.

On the blogging front we ain’t making a lot of headway into developing a new direction.  There have been a couple of ideas kicking about but I’ve yet to assess their long term viability.  The disruption caused by a month of  kitchen re-construction was not conducive to creative writing…only writing where the phrase “Oh bugger!” would have cropped up on a regular basis.  This manifestation of irritation and despair was my regular companion as I searched for yet another missing item in the morasse covering the dining room floor that once constituted my kitchen.  Thankfully that inconvenience is now but a thing of the past – so at last we can get down to more serious matters…like writing infinite pages of self-indulgent drivel. 😀