We’re Back Up There!

The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation is proud to announce a bit of a coup.  Oh yes.  You probably thought that hillwalking had departed “Where The Fatdog Walks” for good but we have worked frantically behind the scenes to ensure you will not miss out on those mountain top views.  Oh no.

It gives me great pleasure to announce a possible collaboration between ourselves and that stalwart of the mountain trails, that intrepid warrior of the high tops, that incredible expert in the art of…falling down.  YES!  MrP has agreed to take on the role of  Mountain Liaison Correspondent bringing to you, the reader, tales of unspeakable hardship, days alone in the wild and smelly socks.

MrP is a very popular and highly successful poster on Scottishhills.com and will continue in that role.  Here at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation our experienced production team will work unstintingly to deliver those magnificent stories in keeping with our ethos –  “never knowingly on the wall” (thanks for that one Andy).

In a moment of madness MrP has handed over all editorial content.  The plan is that I will provide the necessary framework and appropriate narration for his reports whereas The Fatdog will be responsible for editing censorship, spelling and Bonio counting (“who the hell put that in the announcement?”).  There are, however, a number of contractual matters to sort out before production begins.  The main stumbling block at the minute is the provision of private health care and a bed in a rather fetching nursing home on the shores of Lake Garda should he go downhill (quite literally) faster than anticipated.  So far we have agreed on a box of plasters.

However this is a small matter and we shouldn’t let that spoil the moment.

I hope you’ll enjoy the labours of this particular enterprise. I know we here at The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation are absolutely thrilled at the prospect of working with MrP again and will begin production on his Conquest of the Corbetts as soon as contracts are signed.

“Thank God that’s over…who writes this bullshit anyway?”  “We’re still on air?”  “Oh bollocks!”