One for the Bloggers

“Must say I find the ebb and flow of multi-user sites (like this one and a couple of others) a lot more entertaining than accessing the thoughts/world view of a solitary individual that wants their own platform. Nice to have many voices, even if they don’t all agree.

It suits some folks better I suppose.”



Ladies and gentlemen, I have provided a quotation from a topic in a web forum for your perusal.  It is on the subject of blogs vs forums.  The author clearly prefers forums.

So…what do we think?  (No naughty or insulting answers please as it is someone’s personal view on the subject…who is unlikely be visiting the blog to defend it.  😀 )

Personally I think the author of the quote doesn’t fully understand what bloggers are…and why they do it in the first place.  As for accessing a world view…I don’t feel too parochial thanks to the likes of Florene (USA), Annie (NZ) and Iain (Australia) who pop in, not forgetting friends in France and Belgium and all over the UK who I know drop by.

How solitary do you feel?