To Blog, or not to Blog? That is the Question.

We’ve been in a bit of a pickle, The Fatdog and I.  We lost our raison d’être which is quite frankly a bit of a bugger.  Losing one’s raison d’être might also, in certain quarters, be considered exceedingly careless and not something of which you would wish to make a habit.  Ours disappeared about a month ago and hasn’t been seen since.  The Fatdog wandered aimlessly round the house in the hope of tripping over it but for some reason concluded that it was hiding in the Bonio box.  A couple of weeks after its disappearance we gave up trying to find it and embarked upon a mission to procure a new one which has not been as easy as it sounds.  I mean…where on earth do you find a suitable raison d’être when you don’t know what it looks like?

You’ve no doubt gathered by now that our hill walking has finally come to an end.

Only a few days after my legs called off Torridon (about a month ago) I took Maisie to the vet who handed over a  barrowload of pills and told me to cut out the big walks.  She then took a look at Maisie and decreed that her hobbling was early stage arthritis and that she was to do the same.  I think we both knew it was coming.  A few days later my dodgy lower back decided to get in on the act as well and wreaked its own brand of mayhem.

It was Saturday; J and The Cupcake Queen set off for Glasgow leaving me, my back and The Fatdog to fend for our respective selves.  Given that my lumber region had only started acting up on the Friday night we hadn’t had time to fully consider the implications such as; would I manage to take Maisie out for a walk and, more importantly…could I dress myself beforehand?  Pantomimes don’t just happen at Christmas, you know.

Anyway, the upshot is that while I may venture onto the big summits again at some point in the future – The Fatdog will not.  It’s much shorter and less taxing walks for her from now on.

So…here we are about a month later still pondering our options.

The good news is that The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation will not close…though its continuation was, for a time, seriously uncertain.  One possibility was running full time with the food blog “Anyone for Porridge” that I set up earlier this year as a wee trial, but felt that it might be too restrictive in its scope.  I’ve noticed that food blogs tend to be a bit much of a muchness…and subject to some horrendously gushing writing.  I don’t do gushing.  I have never gushed and have no intention of doing so in the future.  But…as food is a matter close to my stomach and to that of The Fatdog…it will feature heavily in the re-vamped blog arrangement.

I came very close to the brave decision that was ditching the “Where the Fatdog Walks” brand…but just couldn’t do it.  The title will now be subject to the readers interpretation…however warped their imagination may be.  No longer does it mean Fatdog + Mountains = Blog (a dubious mathematical equation in any event).

My early retirement in June has heralded a number of changes in our lifestyle so, through the pages of the blog, I’ve decided to explore where this major decision takes myself, J and The Fatdog not to mention the cast of characters that have become familiar to you over the past couple of years.

Sadly this may mean goodbye to all the outdoor bloggers and walkers who have visited over the past couple of years – thank you very much for having taken the trouble to keep up with our exploits in the mountains and good luck to you all.  Of course I would be delighted if you want to stick around but I do realise that the change in the blog direction might not suit everyone’s taste.

Anyway, that’s the current situation.  I’m off to contemplate some blog re-design and to do a bit of writing.