The L-o-n-g Way Down…and Up…and Down…and Up…and…

Since the blog is about to enter a new era I thought it would be nice to tackle a subject not hitherto mentioned here at “Where the Fatdog Walks” – bungee jumping! 

Bet that came as a shock.

Bungee jumping I associate with dramatic falls from eagle-perched bridges, high above roaring cascades that crash through impossibly deep young river gorges…not from a mobile crane in a retail outlet car park just off the M8.  But here we were at Braehead Shopping Centre waiting with daughter, The Bleating Sheep, while her partner Mr. Alloa attempted what I consider to be licensed suicide.  Having had to share a house with The Bleating Sheep for most of her 25 years of existence – I could see where he was coming from.  I had a vested interest in his survival.

Mr Alloa was in a veritable rush to plummet to his possible doom…but there was a long queue.  As well as the single jumpers, young couples waited to be tied together to plunge head first to what might be considered a romantic end…except, I would suggest, by those who might have to scrape up the collective human pancake should true love fail to triumph.  A couple of young lads came to regret this gesture of togetherness when their eardrums were ripped to shreds by the piercing screams of their potential life-long companions.  I suspect many a relationship failed to survive this particular drop.

It was a grey day so not the best for what I had in mind…but here’s what happened to Steven (Mr. Alloa)…

Mr Alloa (centre back) fighting fit and raring to go but what's this...?
...oh dear, the next victim looks a colour.
Tight...these harnesses. Ooffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep...still happy. He's bound to crack soon... btw the redhead is a serious screamer!
"See there...that's where the last one fell from...and the one before...and the one before..."
Time to bite the nails...and change the trousers!
"what do you mean - the crane driver can't judge heights?"

I couldn’t just leave it there, could I.  It took me 5 attempts to get the zoom right on the wee Fuji in video mode.  That was a lot of screaming by anyone’s standards!

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



…and here’s the no-sound version for Florene.  Hopefully that will satisy the EMI lawyers.  😀


…and here’s the soundtrack for it.