Random Thoughts for a Rainy Sunday

“Excellent. You are hereby appointed chef. What food do I need to 
supply you with?”

The above was MrP’s response to my email that I’d suffered a severe mental collapse and booked into the Torridon Youth Hostel for Friday and Saturday coming.  Never make the mistake that it’s all about hillwalking…especially when someone knows you can cook.

It’s the annual scottishhills.com meet at Torridon and my first attendance at said event.  It is also my first ever stay-over at a youth hostel.  I only booked in because the word “youth” was involved.  It instils within me the illusion that I will feel younger than my 57 years, though I think “youth” might be stretching even my somewhat vivid imagination to breaking point.  Not having been a “boarder” public school boy I view with some dread falling victim to the evil japes that are perpetrated on “new boys” in the darkness of the dorm.  Maybe my fears will be totally unfounded as we all sit on our beds in our PJs scoffing midnight feasts having raided the “tuck shop”.  On balance my single reality brain cell advises me that most of the other “boarders” will be too pissed to care.  This is a Shills meet after all.

Anyway…as well as frantically trying to work out what hills I might be predisposed to visit I’m trying to work out a 2 night dinner menu for myself and MrP which is probably giving me a bigger headache.



In the midst of all this decision making chaos I managed to watch the final 20km of the cycling UCI World Road Race Championship on Eurosport.  Great stuff – a win for the Manxman Mark Cavendish and an amazing performance by the GB team to get him to the final sprint.  The first GB World Champion since the ill-fated Tommy Simpson who won in 1965, two years before his sad demise on Mont Ventoux in the Tour de France.

Only last week I was raking through photos I took on Stage 4 of the 2007 Tour.  Given the speed of the peloton it was a random selection of riders caught in frame.  I’m pretty sure this one is of Mark Cavendish in the pink of T-Mobile riding his first tour.

Cav - first Tour 2007?