Home Alone – Day 3

It’s been 8 weeks since I took the jump and began my early retirement, but with J having started back at school this week the long holiday has ended and it’s only now I’ve been left “home alone”.  As I write I’ve just completed Day 3…and am noticeably unsettled.  It’s odd getting up at a regular 7am, then not going anywhere.  For some reason it doesn’t feel right…probably near 40 years worth of reasons all told.

Being a control freak I’ve taken to planning out a few odds and sods for the following day so that I’m not totally directionless.  I was so busy the first couple of mornings I kept falling asleep in the afternoon as I sat down to watch TV coverage of La Vuelta, the cycling Tour of Spain.  By now some of you will be saying, “A wee nap in the afternoon…just the thing for a pensioner.” It’s not the wee nap I’m objecting to; it’s the fact that I missed the end of the race…twice.

But I cured that sleepiness today…oh yes I did!    Out came the Gaggia from which I produced a very large latte with double+ espresso.  It’s 10.35pm and I’m writing this wee post for the blog because I still show no signs of tiredness.  Maybe I’ll cut down on the caffeine tomorrow.