Guess the Zoom

This gallery could also have been called “Left for Dead”.

After almost a month away from the hills I decided we should have another day out.  Why, when the legs had coincidently taken a turn for the worse, I should consider a 16km hike with 900+ metres of ascent a really clever idea is beyond comprehension.  Having failed the warm-up at the circuit class the previous evening, thus forcing a return to the spin bike for an hour as the others pushed on with the circuit, I think it could be safely assumed I would be taking things easy the following day.  Hmm.  Want to see how far off the pace I was?  Check out the gallery below and try to guess what level of zoom I was using on the wee Fuji.

The final photo gives an indication…but it was much, much worse than that.  Probably 5-10 minutes behind Cap’n Jack and the Fatdog by the end of that wee rise (sigh).