Ok…so who’s the Snitch?

Yesterday an unsolicited email dropped into the kenny@fatdogwalks mailbox. Nothing unusual about that…but this one was from the Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine. Never had any contact with this organisation before…ever…never mind an email. So what was this all about?

The unexpected piece of correspondence was from their Small Animal Hospital Wellbeing Centre promoting it’s services. This obviously begged the question; was there a suspicion in their minds that The Fatdog was not, in fact, a well being and that “Where The Fatdog Walks” was the front for the unscrupulous and systematic over-feeding, not to mention general mistreating of gullible Labradors?

I flicked back through a number of The Fatdog “Tails” in search of potentially incriminating evidence. Too late to delete the site, I suppose.

Looks like the next group of emails will be from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, followed closely by those from the more extreme elements of the animal rights movement.

….so, who was the snitch?