How to Stimulate Creativity

It’s been a strange past few weeks since I retired.  With all this time on my hands I’ve had so much to do I’ve had little time for the blog.  Take yesterday for example.  MrP arrived for a visit and I had a dental appointment.

“How could I tell the difference?” you ask.

Easy.  My dentist never buys me lunch.

As it happened the fact that MrP was buying me lunch proved to be a godsend.  I wasn’t paying so I quite naturally stuffed my face with as much food as my stomach could hold.  Given the crime against humanity perpetrated on my face by my dentist later that afternoon I was glad I had “stocked up” as I wouldn’t be eating solids any time soon.  After surgery my face looked as if it’d gone 10 rounds with that gentle giant, David Hayes.

But there is always an up side.  To take my mind off my throbbing face – I sat at the computer all evening and managed to put up 2 new posts on the blog.

On reflection I think it might be sensible to find gentler incentives to put digits to keyboard.