The Current State of Play

You could be forgiven for thinking that, having retired to lead a life free from the daily weekday grind of “employment” (the use of the word “work” would have been strongly contested in certain quarters), I would have more time to churn out seemingly endless reams of nonsensical drivel.  Strangely this hasn’t happened so far…I’ve been far too busy.

I’d hoped to continue the blog during our second week in France but the laptop (required to upload the camera photos) wouldn’t connect to the wi-fi at the B&B.  On top of that I was told I had to at least pretend to be sociable and talk to the other guests – as opposed to hiding in our room and writing scurillous comments about them on the blog.  Hopefully there’ll be a chance in the next couple of weeks to put up the odd photo of our Dordogne week.

Typical view into the valley of the Dordogne - La Roque-Gageac

Since returning to the unnaturally sunny climes of Ecosse things have been a wee bit busy.  My God…I’ve never seen weeds grow as fast as they did this year.  We had to take a machete to them to reach the front door!  This wasn’t helped by all the seeds I’d put out for the birds…doing what seeds do if they’re not eaten.

The tent for review arrived from Go Outdoors.  This gave J and The Fatdog an hour’s worth of good solid “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em” entertainment as I wrestled inexpertly with unfamiliar items such as groundsheets, guys and pegs.  The “Idiot’s Guide to Tent Erection” will be appearing on the blog very soon…once we debrief the idiot.

There...effortless! "ahem"

Some rather nice weather allowed The Fatdog and I a wee trip into the mountains.  16km and 2 Munros later The Fatdog is still trying to un-stiffen…and that was from 2 days ago.  Having said that I’m a wee bit achey myself after our efforts.  Too long a lay off; March was the last serious outing.  It was a day of very controlled,snail pace, ascent (and descent) and a sun burned forehead.  After surviving 36C in France with no sunburn, I cop it on a cloudy 20C (if it was as much as that) day in Drumochter…just goes to show you can’t be too careful.

Looking down into Loch Ericht

Anyway I’ve a post about a tent to finish…