Les Vacances – Now for the Ridiculous

The very nice people at Go Outdoors have asked me to review…a tent! I expect a number of you are already rolling around the floor in front of your screens while at the same time wondering how this unusual feat might be achieved – me and camping being generally considered mutually exclusive. A few amongst you will no doubt imagine me and The Fatdog squatting miserably amongst the soggy heather on the remains of collapsed bit of canvas drenched by driving rain.

Well, you might imagine that, but the reason for the review is the promotion of tents – for the (music) Festival season! No rain drenched mountains for us. As far as I can see all we have to do is find an exceptionally muddy field -abandon the tent for the day and most of the night – then collapse in the door about 3am pissed out of our skulls. Not much to review in that methinks. Who cares what it looks like – nobody will be able to focus on it anyway. Possibly the main requirement for such a tent would be a very big door and a very big zip to make closing it up that bit easier once in.

Oddly enough, just before I retired, we had a discussion in the office about tents for festivals as a couple of the younger members of staff were heading for T In the Park this year. Apparently some tents are left in-situ, the owners abandoning them on the campsites. This is because – how can I put this delicately- the toilets at the festival are worse than awful!

And with that I’ll leave you to consider possible lines of thought for the up and coming review.

It was a quiet day for us at the gite – other than a quick dash into Cognac for a bite to eat this evening. Here’s a photo of the chateau in Cognac down by the Charente.