The “Crocks” Day Out

The full zoom on the wee Fuji lies! They're nowhere near St. Monans yet.

It was a sad looking exhibition.

Our reputation, built through hard (ahem) days on the Scottish mountains, was in danger of collapse.  As we stumbled out the car we took stock of our individual infirmities.

My legs were goosed, totally!  The right leg ached from bum to toe, the sciatic nerve plucking the various muscles like some demented harpist.  One mile?  Two miles?  I had no idea how far the legs would take me today.

Cap’n Jack was struggling with a bad back, our outward journey in The Tank being interspersed with groans and curses in equal measure.

The Fatdog, having disgorged her breakfast in a lump at the back door a couple of hours earlier, was probably the least decrepit of the three…if only because she complained less than myself and the Cap’n.

As a mark of respect for the battling qualities shown by us indomitable (if somewhat pathetic) adventurers the RAF had arranged a fly past by four Leuchars bound tornados.  The earth shook as they roared above.  Surprisingly FD managed to remain calm throughout the salute.  On the other hand it took 5 minutes to coax Cap’n Jack out from his hiding place under The Tank.  Never mind…the sun was out with the blue sky only marred by a scattering of light cloud…and we were at the seaside!  Yes, the seaside!  No big nasty hills for us today (which was probably just as well all things considered).

Remember to click on the photos for sharper images. 😀

Capn Jacks amazingly zoomed photo of Elie…at least I think its Elie.

It was a return to the Fife Coastal Path for The Fatdog and I, and a first visit for Cap’n Jack.  I’d opted for the Elie to St. Monans section as there are numerous opportunities for photos…not to mention a few geocaches I abysmally failed to locate on previous visits.

The outing involved a fair bit of hobbling, whining and complaining but, to our surprise, proved to be a grand day out!  As I clambered over rocks and rummaged in the ruins of old castles looking for caches, Cap’n Jack concentrated on improving his posture by sitting bolt upright, trying to ease the dull ache in his back.  We travelled at a sedate snail pace, taking 3 hours to cover 2.5km!

It was just as we reached the viewpoint looking down into St. Monans that Cap’n Jack asked that we call it a day.  His back had had enough.  Just as well really as my legs were finding the going hard every time we hit a rise in the path.  We plodded back along the coastal path back to where we’d parked the car at Elie, taking only a third of the time of that taken on our outward journey.

Here’s the photo diary of the walk.

First stop the lighthouse…I had a geocahe to track down much to Capn Jacks embarrassment.
This photo probably covers the extent of our walk from the lighthouse at Elie to St Monans in the background
A fine day for the beach…
The full zoom on the wee Fuji lies! Theyre nowhere near St. Monans yet.
Capn Jack goes exploring one of the narrow lava dykes which run towards the sea along this coast. You can see a smaller outcrop to his left further towards the water.
Its low tide as we wander between the rocks on the shore. On our return this was covered by the sea.
Worryingly the local birds have joined the Elie wing of the Hitler Youth.
The remains of Ardross Castle thought to date back to the 1400s. Time for another geocache hunt amongst the local snail colony.
Adross beach with the castle on the headland.
Time out for Capn Jack and The Fatdog as I go geocaching…
…which means time for a wee bit of scrambling up yonder gully…
Capn Jack thought his mother might like to see what I get up to while on the loose!.
We had a couple of flypasts by the local geese.
The remains of Newark Castle. Alexander III is thought to have spent part of his childhood at an earlier castle built on the same spot.
This is an expression normally reserved for evenings when one notices the outcome of The Fatdogs digestive rumblings. Last visit I spent 15 minutes digging about the underside of this driftwood log looking for a geocache…it wasnt there…in fact it hadnt even been hidden there! The GPS was giving out a bum reading. This time…walked straight to it. Typical!
Capn Jack quakes in fear as the sky collapses…
…or maybe he had just seen this wee chomper of small mammals.
Capn Jacks photo of some of the changes made to the castle over the years…wonderful looking stonework.
Newark Castle
I still had one geocache to discover on this walk and it was lurking in those rocks referred to on the OS map as “Long Shank”…and…
…and…the tide was coming in – quickly! Once more Capn Jack thought to collect evidence for his mother…
I opted to retreat…never mind that I was about to be beaten by the tide there was also the question of me making the downclimb onto the slick rocks in one piece
We called a halt, or rather Capn Jacks back called a halt at the viewpoint above St. Monans. This was the overall shot…
…and this was the zoom! All done by the wee Fuji! Im so glad I carried the Nikon DSLR and the bigger lens as well…and forgot to put the battery in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interestingly neither myself nor Capn Jack can remember what he was pointing out. The Fatdog suggested it was a cargo ship laden with Bonios but her concept of anything other than food is somewhat limited.
My last attempt at an “arty” shorescape
Cap Jacks last attempt at an “arty” dunescape with the Ladys Tower as a backdrop.

And so another escapade came to en end.  A much shorter day than normal but thoroughly enjoyable.  For those who missed the previous “Tail” here’s a link.  “Rubies, Ruins and Redshanks”

And I found 6 geocaches 😀 .