Walking and Listening

It’s been a busy week with, thankfully, no further blog changes! šŸ˜€Ā  Did I detect a few mutterings of “Thank God for that!”?

Last weekend… FD and I took a walk up Fankerton Glen in the offchance that we would bask in some glorious sunshine…this didn’t happen.Ā  Armed with both cameras in the anticipation of stunning early spring light and shade we were met instead by the usual Scottish, cloud soaked, dull grey.

FD on the trail
The most pointless (new) gate in the world!

On the gently sloping paths my legs complained nastily – a resumption of the perennial problem, but at least The Fatdog was happy.

Happy, happy, happy!



Tuesday… found Cap’n Jack, The Fatdog and I back on our travels; this time on the Fife Coastal Path.Ā  The Cap’n had never been before so we visited what is currently my favourite section from Elie to St. Monans.Ā  With both of us crocked we left the walking poles behind…and took the zimmers instead.Ā  There will be more about that trip in the coming days.

This is St Monans...taken from some distance away using the wee Fuji on max zoom...a great wee camera.
You may gather that walking was not considered the main activity of the day.
Not exactly the Cuillin ridge but sometimes one has to make do.


Important note:

I’ve just noticed that the photos are a lot clearer if you click on them and view what I assume is the original file photo. Ā  Something to remember for future visits as well. šŸ˜€



The great John Peel will be turning in his grave…

I’ve begun delving into the darkest depths of my CD collection seeking out songs and bands that have some vague connection to my past.Ā  This is terribly bad news for you given that I have also added an update to the blog which allows me to play music (until the copyright gestapo catch up with me).Ā  Todays offering marked what was my return to buying music and updating my CD collection after the mandatory 11 year “kiddy” absence.Ā  I remember going out…purchasing a music mag with a cover CD and hearing this track by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, complete with Egyptian orchestra – “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”.Ā  Took me back to listening to the likes of the Incredible String Band where all manner of weird and wonderful instruments began to make an appearance.Ā  This is a damn sight tighter and more bluesy but has a “non mainstream” feel which I like a lot.Ā  (the intro doesn’t kick in immediately…so please be patient :D)

Go on!Ā  Push the play button below…

“Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

…and remember to crank up the volume! Ā  šŸ˜€

The CD Cover

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