“Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

The Board of The Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation came to order.

Currently the Board comprises three members:

1.The non-voting Director – The Fatdog (non-voting, only because we’ve no way of telling if she has voted, or not, on any given issue).

2.Myself, the Director in charge of creativity…and random blog changes.

3.The Glass of Red Wine

The Glass of Red Wine holds the majority of votes on the Board and thus controls most of what appears on the pages of the blog.

The Thursday evening emergency meeting had been called to discuss recent changes to the blog.

I challenged the Board…

“I just can’t get enthusiastic about this new blog theme!  Want my “leather bound” one back!”

Then we got around to the detail.  The Glass of Red Wine was intent on a change of emphasis:

”Cut out most of the Pages!  Nobody wants to read what was blogged about a year ago!  Keep it fresh! Shorter posts!  Less writing!  More colour!  More drive!  Less predictability! More flamingos!”

“More Bonios!” enthused The Fatdog (who can be selectively hard of hearing)

The debate gathered a serious collection of exclamation marks then concluded with the implementation of a series of half-arsed recommendations which saw some pages deleted and the return of the “leather bound” theme.  It was also agreed that the next post (this one) would feature flamingos – for no other reason than they were a pretty colour and totally ridiculous looking creatures.

As I altered the blog theme for the nth time in the past 2 weeks, the words of Shelley came to mind…

“Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Oh yes, despair…and there is a lot more despair to come! 😆

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