How to Stimulate Creativity

It’s been a strange past few weeks since I retired.  With all this time on my hands I’ve had so much to do I’ve had little time for the blog.  Take yesterday for example.  MrP arrived for a visit and I had a dental appointment.

“How could I tell the difference?” you ask.

Easy.  My dentist never buys me lunch. Continue reading

What Fatdogs Have To Do!

"A perfectly ordinary looking fence with a perfectly ordinary little ditch running below."

A perfectly ordinary looking fence with a perfectly ordinary little ditch running below.  It may only be ordinary to you but to The Fatdog this represents the Gateway to the Kingdom of Hell.  But, when there is no other way, the tough, the damned…and The Fatdog know there is no alternative but to…

Now you are questioning your own logic.  No – it’s not possible – Fatdogs can’t, won’t, shouldn’t even consider…

“Prove it!” you demand.

I may, but then again…it depends if you’re prepared to read on.

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The Current State of Play

You could be forgiven for thinking that, having retired to lead a life free from the daily weekday grind of “employment” (the use of the word “work” would have been strongly contested in certain quarters), I would have more time to churn out seemingly endless reams of nonsensical drivel.  Strangely this hasn’t happened so far…I’ve been far too busy. Continue reading

Les Vacances – Le Moulin Neuf

On Saturday we drove down to the Dordogne and are ensconced in a wonderful B&B called Le Moulin Neuf owned by our most excellent host, Robert. Robert makes all our dinner reservations and keeps us up to date with where to go and when. The property is nothing short of stunning with acres of grounds including a very large pond with monster fish and voles, a family of ducks and ducklings not to mention the 5 cats, of which we’ve only seen 3, so maybe the monster fish ate the other 2!

We’ve lots of photos but I haven’t got the laptop operational as yet to allow me to put them on the blog. Here’s a couple of Le Moulin Neuf from the iPad to be going on with. Continue reading